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4400885 M41A3 WALKER TANK (6mm SHOOTER)


  • Engine sound effects, machine gun sound, cannonball sound and smoke
  • Controls - Forward, hi-speed forward, backward, hi-speed back, spin
  • Proportional Control on Forward, Backwards, Left and Right
  • Real Smoking effect, Barrel moves up and down 30 & Rotates 360 degrees
  • Charge time - 3-4 hours
  • Dimension - 50 x 23 x 22cm
  • NiMH Battery and charger included
    Named after General Walton Walker who died in a jeep accident in Korea it was an agile and well armed vehicle but it was also noisy, fuel-hungry and although it was meant as a light tank itís weight caused problems with air transport.

    Limited combat in the Korean war but was used by the Army Republic of South Vietnam to replace the M24 Chaffee in 1965.

    In 1971 the ARVN and US air force commenced operation Lam Son 719. The M41 tanks were used along with 2 airborne battalions and 2 cavalry regiments to penetrate 4 miles into Laos in an operation to disrupt communist supply lines. In this first engagement between North Vietnamese Army (NVA) and ARVN tanks the 17 M41ís destroyed 22 communist tanks, 6 T-54ís and 16 PT-76ís and lost none themselves.


    • Name: M41 Walker Bulldog
    • Type: Light Gun Tank
    • Place of origin: United States
    • Weight: 23.5 tonnes
    • Length: 8.2m
    • Width: 3.2m
    • Height: 2.71m
    • Crew: 4

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    • Manufactured by: Heng Long

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