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PL9025-32 Proline Bow-Tie (M3) 1/8th Off-Road Buggy Tyre


What tyre has more national championship wins then any other tyre? If you guessed Bow-Tie then youíre right on the money.

The Bow-Tieís design provides unsurpassed forward bite due to the horizontal, straight-edge styling. Another unique feature of the Bow-Tie is the tapered outer pin design. This tapered effect resists ruts in corners ensuring for greater cornering consistency.

Pro-Line have now released the all-new V2 wheels Pre-Mounted with all the tires you have come to know and love. The new larger diameter and width wheels give your car the maximum in traction and stability. Now these improvements are available pre-mounted with the most popular racing tires of all time.

Combine the Bow-Tie's with the V2ís enhanced stability and connectivity for a complete performance package second to none.

Set of 2 Tyres

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