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A-PH015 EF 16


Real Jet Fun - NOT a Propeller in Sight!

We knew it would have to happen.... you can't have the terrific Fantom ducted fan unit and motor combination without someone putting it inside a sport jet. So Phase 3 have done it first - and who would have thought it could look so good?!

Like the Fantom, the EF16 comes complete with fan unit, high performance 45,000+ rpm brushless motor and matching brushless speed controller. All you need is some micro radio, a transmitter with elevon mixing to suit the taileron controls and a 3 cell 2100mAh Li-Po.

Assembly is super-quick due to the lightweight all foam and ABS moulded parts and the performance is nothing short of breathtaking. If you don't fly one of these soon, you're missing out!

Lightweight foam construction
Fan unit, brushless motor and ESC included
All flying tailerons keep things simple
ESC Included!
Brushless Motor Included!
High Performance Electric Ducted Fan Unit Included!
Eye catching colour scheme!
Requires two micro servos, micro receiver, 3 cell 2100mAh Li-Po battery and transmitter with elevon mixing (or separate mixer)

Wingspan: 660mm (26")
Length: 915mm (36")
Radio System: 3 Channel with 2 Micro Servos
Electric Motor: KMS Brushless (inc.)
Battery: Intellect 3S 2500mAh 20C Recommended

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